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For travelers in Switzerland it is important to mention that this is a project. NO factory visit is possible yet!
MAGDAS, CHOCOBERN and CHOCOLATE CAPITAL are registered trademarks. Magdas means: "I/she/it/he likes that gladly."

Magdas-Project-II could be seen as referring to the new construction project of the Wankdorf Stadium (W-Dream-II), which focused on multifunctional use. In fact, however, it is to be understood as a successor project to the Magdas-Project-I, which resulted in the chocolate tours in 2019.

More about myself: In purchasing, I got to know supply chains of different companies. After a convalescence, I discovered the outdoor sector as a ski instructor. Before I worked as a volunteer for a development project in Africa, I also worked in the migration sector. As a person who likes to eat and cook well and as a stand up person I decided to build up a chocolate job in 2019 and so the chocolate tours were born, which can be booked here: CHOCOBERN

Since then, I have been committed to ensuring that Bern's chocolate history is not forgotten. Thanks to this commitment, I have come across with machines and equipment, some of which most probably originate from the city area of Matte. Since the equipment is not often in use anymore due to the last 2 years, this is now the unique opportunity to bring this asset back to Bern. In addition to the opportunities already mentioned, this would not only close a circle of local chocolate history, but thanks to its historical significance, it would also cover 1/3 of Bern's chocolate history!

For me, a secure income for the people in the country of origin of the cocoa is in the foreground. Therefore, I am future-oriented and not past-oriented on this point. On climate, I try to convey chocolate as a luxury product. With high consumption, the marginal benefit decreases. This also reduces the positive effect of the moment of enjoyment.

Ideally, you should get in touch via the contact form. However, objections and suggestions can also be directed to me as a project participant:

Felix Zimmerli
Halen 28
3037 Herrenschwanden


Thank you for your interest and I look forward to seeing you soon!
Food means enjoyment and therefore chocolate should bring pleasure to everyone.
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